Our Story

The Marley Higgins Band formed in the summer of 2007 in Buffalo, NY.  It began as a recording project that show cased Paul Schimert as a songwriter who began recording his music at his guitar teacher John Brady's Reel Art Music Studio on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo.  What started out as merely experimental recordings eventually evolved into the Elmwood Tracks; their first CD that was released in the summer of 2007.  The Elmwood tracks features some well known Buffalo area musicians such as John Brady of the old Black Cat Band, Jim Paylis of the Fibs and Buffalo, NY piano great Ann Phillipone.  The Elmwood Tracks contains some interesting songs such as Zoo, End Times, Still Get Stoned, and Married Women. Following this time period the Marley Higgins Band spent a few years playing clubs and local bars around the Western New York area with Paul Schimert show casing his original music while being backed by various great local Buffalo musicians such as bassist Dement Ormond and drummer Curtis Henry of the Larry Salter Band.  In the very early days guitarist Eric Peterson who Schimert knew from his childhood in Lakeview, NY played and explosive lead guitar that gave the early band alot of life when they needed it.  As time went on longtime Buffalo NY veteran guitarist John Brady eventually became the permanent lead guitarist coupled with longtime veteran drummer Jim Paylis and from time to time Jim Iarocci on bass.  And that is where it stands today.  

After a long hiatus Paul Schimert returned to John Brady's Reel Art Music studio to finish their second recording project "Old Stone Wall".  Many of the tracks were recorded back in 2011 and 2012 with John Brady on lead Guitar and bass(for some of the tracks), Dement Ormond on Bass (for some of the tracks), Ann Phillipone on piano and keyboards for many of the tracks, and Jim Paylis on drums for all of the tracks.  In addition,  Buffalo Gospel singers Leslie Gardner and Simone Appleby came in and sang backup harmony on quite a few of the Old Stone Wall tracks with the results being exceptional.  The dynamic that Gardner and Appleby gave to Schimert's music can never be understated.   Moreover, in the fall and winter of 2015 Dee Adams and Joe Mergler along with Jim Iarocci on Bass did an outstanding job in the re-recording of Skipping Stones, Old Fling, and the Game that are now apart of the Old Stone Wall compilation.  Dee Adams backup vocals on Old Fling and Skipping Stones have added a magical quality to those two tracks.  Joe Mergler made a tremendous contribution by completing the piano components on Skipping Stones, Old Fling, and the Game.

The band is now kicking up the live version of the band to promote their lasted release Old Stone Wall and will feature many great local Buffalo musicians.