Hot Mamas Canteen June 24, 2017

Thank you to all who came to Hot Mamas Canteen last night. 


John Brady...guitar 
Jim Paylis...drums 
Mark Panfil...piano, harmonica, vocals 
Chris Panfil...Bass 
Paul Schimert...Guitar, Vocals 


1. Still get Stoned* 
2. Haunt** 
3. Zoo* 
4. Folsom Prison Blues 
5. Around and Round 
6. Old Fling** 
7. Amorina** 
8. Softail Night Train*** 
9. 1950s** 
10. Skipping Stones** 
11. Goin Down the Road Feelin Bad 
12. Lately** 
13. Sympathy for the Devil 
14. Bird on a Wire 
15. We're Done* 
16. Hey Joe 
17. Iko Iko 

* Marley Higgins Band original released on "The Elmwood Tracks (2007)" 

** Marley Higgins Band original released on "Old Stone Wall (2016)" 

*** Marley Higgins Band original forthcoming release "Autumn's Dusk fall (2017)"

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