Niagara Hotel February 4, 2017


We played a show at Niagara Hotel in Lockport, NY. All the music we played was original music from The Elmwood Tracks, Old Stone Wall, and material to be released on the forthcoming CD "Autumn's Dusk" in the fall of 2017. We appreciate the Niagara Hotel for having us again. They have always been supportive of our music. 


John Brady...Lead Guitar/Vocals 
Mark Panfil....Piano/accordion/Harmonica 
Colin Gray...Drums 
Sam Pavlovich....Bass 
Paul Schimert....Guitar and Vocals 

Set I: 

1. Something in G 
2. Old Fling 
3. Dance 
4. Haunt 
5. Groove 
6. Amorina 
7. Skipping Stones 
8. Long Ago 

Set II: 

1. The Game* 
2. Bottom of the Sea* 
3. Skin* 

4. Softail Night Train 
5. Tunnel 
6. Words we shouldn't say 
7. Long Distance Message 
8. Still Get Stoned 
9. Drinkin Man 
10. Fork Tongue 

Set III: 

1. Never mind* 

2. Mark's minuet in G 
3. Married Women 
4. 1950s 
5. Morpheus 
6. Lately 

*. Acoustic

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