The Tabernacle 2/8/20


Dement Ormond:  Base

Chris Curtis: Drums

Eric Peterson: Lead Guitar/Vocals

Paul Schimert: Guitar/Vocals

Set 1:


Jesus Left Chicago

Old Fling*

Folsom Prison

Tired of Waiting for You


Minglewood Blues


Driving While Blind

Skipping Stones*

She Belongs to Me

Set II:

Long Ago**

The Weight

Still Get Stoned***

Nurse Lorraine****

Heart Full of Soul


California Sun

Big River

Bottom of the Sea*

Goin Down the Road Feelin Bad

Woolly Bully

Nevermind That**

Sympathy for the Devil

*Original Released on Old Stone Wall 2016

**Original Released on Autumn's Dusk 2018

***Original Released on Elmwood Tracks 2007

****Original Unreleased


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