Marley Higgins Duo w/ Sam on Bass...Irishman Gig Set List. August 2, 2018

John Brady Guitar

Sam Pavlovich Bass

Paul Schimert Guitar/Vocals

Set I:

Old Fling*

Folsom Prison Blues 

Nevermind That**

Country Roads

Drinkin Man**

Big River

Goin Down the Road Feelin Bad

Softail Nightrain **

UMe and My Uncle

Sympathy for the Devil 

Knockin on Heaven’s Door

Set II:

Promise Land

Skipping Stones*

Little Sister


So Far Away from me


Bird on a Wire

Dance Floor**




House of the Rising Sun

Boom Like That

She Belongs to Me

* Original Released on Old Stone Wall 2016

** Original Released on Autumn’s Dusk 2018



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